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Category: TENS Electrode Garments
UltraStim Electrode Back Garment Kit
  • Easy-to-use electrical stimulation system
  • Instructions are printed on garment, allowing for custom patient fit and ensuring proper positioning of electrodes
  • Electrodes remain on garment during storage
  • Kit includes back garment, 4 UltraStim 2" x 2" electrodes and 4 Black Snap Adapters
    • Small/Medium fits Waist 25" - 42"
    • Large/X-Large fits Waist 40" - 54"
  • *Note* Special Order Item: UltraStim Snap Adapter #SA1004 takes approximately 10-14 business days to ship out

Special Order Item: UltraStim Snap Adapter #SA1004, Black, No Lead Wire, 4 Pack
Our Price: $10.89 ($2.72 each electrode)

UltraStim Electrode Back Garment Kit, Large/X-Large
Our Price: $68.54

UltraStim Electrode Back Garment Kit, Small/Medium
Our Price: $66.56

UltraStim Electrodes #US2020, 2" x 2", 4/Package
Our Price: $6.01 ($1.50 each electrode)

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