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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?
TENSUnitElectrodes.com only collects infomation we need to serve the customer with our services and to better improve our services. When you use TENSUnitElectrodes.com to purchase products, you will provide the necessary information to process your order and to have your products shipped to your destination. This information includes: Your first and last name, address, city, state, zipcode, and email address.
TENSUnitElectrodes.com may use third party payment processors. The processors may collect additional information and may set cookies to track the user. TENSUnitElectrodes.com does not control the use of third party cookies or collected information and such infomation is not covered by TENSUnitElectrodes.com's privacy policy.

Indirect information
This type of information is only of technical nature and does not personally identify the customer. The information is not directly submitted by the user and consists of details such as browser information, IP address, and TENSUnitElectrodes.com related cookies. TENSUnitElectrodes.com uses this information to help improve the performance of the web site.

Sharing of information
TENSUnitElectrodes.com does not sell customer related information. We do not share your billing information, except with third party processers we use to process payments for the customer.

TENSUnitElectrodes.com is not for use for children under 13 and we do not collect information of children of whom we know are under 13. Children must have their legal guardian use the site to purchase products.
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