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The Lowest Price for TENS Unit Electrodes
There are many choices of electrodes to use with your TENS unit. At our website, we show you what types of electrodes are available to you and what each type offers. TENSUnitElectrodes.com supplies all your electrode needs at the lowest price and shows you where and how to place the TENS electrodes for pain treatment.

Carbon Electrodes
Self-adhesive carbon electrodes are easily applied to the treatment area and no not require extra conductive gel. For use with TENS, electrical muscle stimulators and Interferenctial units, carbon electrodes are flexible and resuable.
BodyMed Fabric Carbon Electrodes
3" Round2"x2" Square1.5"x3" Rectangle1.25" Round2"x4" Oval3"x5" Rectangle
4"x7" Rectangle2"x3.5" Rectangle2" Round1.5"x2.5" Oval
ValuTrode Fabric Electrodes
1.5"x3.5" Rectangle2"x2" Square2" Round2.75" Round2"x3.5" Rectangle1.5"x2.5" Oval
2"x4" Oval3"x5" Rectangle1.25" Round
BodyMed Foam Carbon Electrodes
2"x2" Square2" Round4"x6" Butterfly1.5"x13" Rectangle2"x3.5" Rectangle
ValuTrode Foam Electrodes
2" Round2.75" Round2"x2" Square1.5"x3.5" Rectangle3"x5" Rectangle1.5"x2.5" Oval
2"x4" Oval2"x3.5" Rectangle1.25" Round
BodyMed Blue Gel Carbon Electrodes
2" Round2" Square2" x 3.5" Rectangle3" x 5" Rectangle
Silver Electrodes
Silver electrodes conduct current more uniformly than carbon electrodes. The cost is higher, but they are also more durable and last longer.
BodyMed Silver Electrodes
2"x2" Square2"x3" Rectangle2" Round3" Round1.25" Round
Uni-Patch Starburst Stimulating Electrodes
2" Round2" Square
Uni-Patch Superior Silver with Skin Friendly Blue Gel
2"x2" Square
PALS Electrodes
PALS electrodes, like silver, offers optimal current transmission and uniformity. It is also comes as a hypoallergenic electrode for sensitive skin and can also be placed over hairy areas.
PALS Fabric Electrodes
1.25" Round2" Round2.75" Round1.1" x 2.5" Mini Butterfly1.3" x 2.1" Rectangle1.5" x 2.5" Oval
2" x 3.5" Rectangle2" x 4" Oval2" x 5" Rectangle2" x 2" Square3" x 4" Rectangle2"X4" Dual Lead
PALS Foam Electrodes
1.5"x2.5" Oval2"x3.5" Rectangle2"x4" Oval2"x5" Rectangle2"x2" Square2" Round
3"x5" Oval
PALS Blue Electrodes For Sensitive Skin
2"x2" Square1.5"x3.5" Rectangle
Snap Electrodes
UltraStim Snap Electrodes contain MultiStick Gel and a conductive grid pattern to evenly distribute the current over the electrode's surface eliminating hot spots. Use with snap leads or the snap adapter, you can save on electrode cost and have the benefits of increased comfort.
UltraStim Snap Electrodes
2" x 2" Square2" x 4", Single Snap, Rectangle2" x 4", Dual Snap, RectangleSnap Adapter
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